BioCurate and Takeda renew alliance to accelerate discoveries

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BioCurate, the independently operated joint venture between The University of Melbourne and Monash University, has announced the renewal of its partnership with Takeda.

The partnership aims to identify and collaborate on projects advancing promising early-stage therapeutic research.

The partnership increases each member's access to scientific and commercialisation expertise and exposure to candidate projects in key therapeutic areas for collaboration, including potential for co-investment.

BioCurate said that on selected projects, the two partners will work together to overcome the barriers to their translation and commercialisation, providing critical advice and expertise to streamline the therapeutic development process.

BioCurate's director of partnerships, Dr Eric Hayes, said, “We’re thrilled to renew our strategic alliance with Takeda, whose world-class team has a proven track record of successful collaborations to bring new, commercially viable medicines to market. We have some of the world’s best medical research teams operating out of Victoria’s laboratories; Takeda’s expertise will help ensure this research has the best possible chance of becoming therapies that improve people’s lives.”

Dr Michael Martin, the head of Takeda’s Center for External Innovation, added,“Continuing our collaboration with BioCurate renews our bond with their internationally renowned team, and our connection with the thriving ‘Parkville Precinct’ medical research community. We look forward to identifying promising projects for collaboration, and jointly pursuing the potential to create transformational new therapies for patients.”