Bio-Gene announces positive stored grain pest results

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Ag-tech company Bio-Gene Technology (ASX:BGT) has announced results from the latest stored grain trial that show efficacy over the targeted 9-month protection period.

In September 2020, the company announced the successful identification of a lead Flavocide combination treatment to be taken to field testing as part of a 9-month efficacy study in collaboration with its partners.

The 9-month combination treatment study is stage 3 of the collaboration. The company said this stage was designed to demonstrate the effectiveness of the combination treatment to control five of the key stored grain pests, being the Lesser grain borer, Flour beetle, Saw-toothed grain beetle, Flat grain beetle and Rice weevil.

"The 3-month interim results were announced during 2021 and showed that the combination treatments were providing control of all of five key pests at this intermediate stage," it said.

"Assessments were subsequently undertaken at 6 and 9 months after treatment. Results showed that the combination treatments provided complete control of non-resistant strains of all species, as well as control of resistant strains of three of the five target species, for the full 9-month testing period.

"Resistant strains of two of the five target species were controlled for a 3-month period, indicating that higher rates of application or alternative combination treatments would be required to control these highly resistant strains for a longer period."

Bio-Gene CEO and managing director Richard Jagger said, “Given these results, Bio-Gene is progressing discussions on the development program including next steps towards product development and registration.

“The results of this longer-term study demonstrate the effectiveness of Flavocide in combination with other chemistry groups. The successful control of all susceptible strains of all five species tested over the 9-month study period is a great outcome. Control of resistant strains of all five species for either the full 9 months or a shorter period is very positive. Together with previous Flavocide efficacy testing results, this result forms the basis for Flavocide product label recommendations for control of the major pest species impacting grain storage.”

Bio-Gene said, currently there is no single chemistry that controls all major pests that impact stored grain.

"The incidence of pest resistance is rising in Australia, and around the world. In some cases, losses of up to 70% of grain in storage have been attributed to pests," it said, adding, "Flavocide has the potential to create formulations that will enable control of the full range of pests including pests resistant to other classes of chemistry."