BARD1 reports additional results from ovarian test

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BARD1 Life Sciences (ASX:BD1), a biotechnology company developing non-invasive cancer diagnostics, has announced additional positive results from application of its BARD1-ovarian test to an independent test set confirming high accuracy for detection of ovarian cancer.

BARD1 said it conducted a follow-on OC-400V study to evaluate the robustness of the BARD1-ovarian algorithm generated in the OC-400 study to detect ovarian cancer in an independent test set of 82 new ovarian cancers and 27 previously tested healthy controls.

According to the company, the results of the OC-400V study showed high accuracy for detection of ovarian cancer with 89 per cent sensitivity and 82 per cent specificity in the independent test set. Importantly, it said, the new results compare favourably to the results previously reported in the OC-400 Study of 82 per cent sensitivity and 79 per cent specificity in cross-validation test sets. 

BARD1 executive director and CSO, Dr Irmgard Irminger-Finger, said, “This study provides further evidence of the robustness of the BARD1-Ovarian test. Upon transfer to a commercial platform, our ongoing product development efforts will focus on testing BARD1-Ovarian in larger sample sets and the addition of other immunogenic markers to our biomarker panel to further train the algorithm and increase its accuracy for early detection of ovarian cancer.”

BARD1 added it is currently in discussions with a number of contract laboratory organisations that have specialty expertise in assay development and validation to transfer the relevant research essay to a commercial platform that will enable the tests to be performed by most hospital and independent clinical laboratories.

“BARD1 anticipates that transfer of our research assay to a commercial platform will enable more efficient development and commercialisation of our diagnostic pipeline for detection of lung, ovarian and other cancers,” said BARD1 CEO Dr Leearne Hinch.