Australia’s health security audit closing with the year


To compile an accurate and truly national picture of the capability and capacity of Australia’s health security ecosystem, including end-to-end supply chains and workforce, the Australian biotech industry is invited to contribute to the National Health Security Resilience Assessment (NHSRA), that is closing with the year.

The online assessment will examine Australia’s capability and capacity for research, development, manufacturing, supply chain resilience and distribution of priority products and solutions that contribute to national health security. Health Security Systems Australia, a division of DMTC Limited, is conducting the assessment.

The NHSRA will consider sovereign capability across six critical sectors, including medical countermeasures, medical devices and CBR-related personal protective equipment (PPE), modelling and simulation, hazard management, and sensing systems.

The information from the assessment will feed a database, and provide support to Governments and partners on  Australia’s national health security capacity and capability, in order to inform future investment and enhance Australia’s prevention, preparedness, response and recovery ecosystem for future pandemic or emerging disease threats.

Detailed analysis of responses submitted by the end of 2021 will allow for a comprehensive report will be published in 2022. 

The activity is being conducted by an expert team led by Dr Leigh Farrell, Head Health Security for DMTC, and Dr Felicia Pradera, General Manager – Health Security and Program Leader for the Medical Countermeasures initiative at DMTC.

Complete the online Assessment tool by 31 December 2021.