Australian Comprehensive Cancer Network launches across the country

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A new Australia-wide network has been launched to link services across Australia, aiming to improve cancer outcomes and experiences for all affected by cancer.

The Australian Government announced the launch of the Australian Comprehensive Cancer Network (ACCN).

The ACCN is an initiative that aims to address disparities. It emphasises coordinated and equitable access to comprehensive cancer services regardless of where a person lives.

Comprehensive Cancer Centres (CCCs) will serve as anchors in the ACCN, connecting various cancer control services nationwide.

The ACCN is a significant action of the 10-year Australian Cancer Plan, launched in 2023, to improve cancer outcomes for all Australians, particularly for those groups whose health outcomes are poorest.

Health Minister Mark Butler said, "The ACCN represents a crucial step forward in ensuring that every Australian, regardless of their background or location, receives the best possible cancer care," remarked Minister Mark Butler. "By linking services, fostering collaboration and sharing expertise, the ACCN aims to address existing disparities in cancer outcomes, particularly among rural and Indigenous populations."

"All services and professionals involved in cancer care are encouraged to join the ACCN and contribute to this transformative initiative," said Minister Butler. "Together, we can make substantial strides in improving cancer outcomes and experiences for all Australians."