Australian company Inventia Life Science in new collaboration with MSD

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Australian company Inventia Life Science has announced a new collaboration under which US-based global biopharmaceutical company MSD will use its RASTRUM 3D cell culture platform.

Inventia Life Science is developing advanced cell models for biomedical research and drug discovery.

The company's RASTRUM 3D platform will be used to create three dimensional in vitro models for the preclinical screening of neurodegenerative disease therapeutic candidates.

Inventia’s founder and CEO Dr Julio Ribeiro said, “Inventia is committed to working with MSD to establish better in vitro models for neurodegenerative diseases. By working together, we aim to establish new approaches to drug discovery and create more translatable models which bridge the gap between in vitro and in vivo preclinical studies.”

The RASTRUM platform is designed to enable the generation of highly reproducible cell models that closely mimic the human brain. The collaboration aims to accelerate the drug discovery process by evaluating therapeutic candidates on three dimensional in vitro models of various neurological disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

“This collaboration with Inventia leverages MSD’s deep expertise in neuroscience and drug discovery with Inventia’s novel 3D bioprinting platform to develop more relevant and translational models of the brain with the aim of enhancing preclinical screening for neurodegenerative disease candidates,” said Dr Jill Richardson, MSD executive director of Biology.