AusCann releases cannabinoid medical education resources

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Leading medical cannabis company AusCann (ASX:AC8) has today released a series of online courses for Australian health professionals as a part of its Medical Outreach Program.

AusCann committed to an outreach program to support Australian medical practitioners and health professionals with the necessary information to confidently make decisions regarding use of cannabinoid medicines.

Dr Danial Schecter, a clinician with expertise gained from working in the Canadian medical cannabis market and managing his own cannabinoid medical clinics, was appointed AusCann’s chief medical advisor in June 2017.

The company subsequently appointed three medical liaison managers to build the outreach team to provide guidance and information to the medical community. 

The online courses represent the latest component of AusCann’s outreach program, developed with the assistance of Dr Schecter and experts in online pedagogical resources, as well as input from AusCann’s Chairman, Dr Mal Washer.

“It is essential that Australian doctors are informed about the endocannabinoid system and cannabinoid therapeutics so that they can make informed decisions regarding treatment possibilities. Until it becomes part of the medical syllabus, there is a need to provide accessible, referenced, objective information about cannabinoid medicines that doctors and other health professionals can draw upon to inform their thinking,” said Dr Washer.