AusBiotech renews agreements with international industry bodies


AusBiotech’s international partnerships have been extended, with new Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) signed with major international industry associations to support collaboration efforts.

The agreements have been re-signed with FIRM, Japan’s peak regenerative medicine industry body, and Biocom California, the largest, most experienced leader and advocate for California’s life science sector.

These alliances will strengthen Australia’s sector positioning and offer international opportunities for investment discussions, collaborations and partnerships, with a focus on a key market (US) and technologies, that are important to members.

(L-R) Joe Panetta, President and CEO, Biocom; Lorraine Chiroiu, CEO, AusBiotech; Lisa Haile, Partner, DLA Piper; and Jennifer Landress, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Biocom; progressing opportunities between the Australian and Californian biotech industries at BIO 2019.

AusBiotech’s renewed agreement with Biocom California enables stronger connections and greater collaboration between the associations and their respective regions, with both AusBiotech and Biocom representing a combined 1,400 entities in the global life sciences sector.

The partnership will support knowledge and idea sharing between Associations, their respective Boards and members; create joint agendas in areas of common strategic focus; and maximise member services and benefits through collaboration.

AusBiotech has also renewed the MoU with Japan’s peak regenerative medicine body, Forum for Innovative Regenerative Medicine (FIRM), under the MoU between the Australian Trade Commission (Austrade) and FIRM, in relation to the collaboration in advancing regenerative medicine and cell and gene therapies within Australia, Japan and worldwide.

FIRM is a Japanese general incorporated association with a mission to accelerate research and commercialisation of regenerative medicine in Japan. FIRM was formed in 2011 and has more than 250 members of Japanese companies from various fields with diverse expertise in such as pharmaceutical, biotechnology, manufacturing, transportation, insurance and related supporting areas for regenerative medicine.

AusBiotech and FIRM will collaborate to advance their individual and common missions by sharing information encompassing technology, policy, laws etc., and assist each other in co-sponsoring meetings or through other cooperation based on common concerns.

In particular, AusBiotech sees FIRM as an important international partner and the representative of the regenerative medicine industry in Japan, and FIRM sees AusBiotech as an important international partner and the representative of the regenerative medicine industry in Australia.

AusBiotech has a long and valued relationship with Austrade, partnering for many years to promote Australian biotechnology around the world, with particular focus on regenerative medicine, clinical trials, medical devices and diagnostics, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors.