AusBiotech members to attend next week’s AGM

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Voting members of AusBiotech Ltd are encouraged to attend next week’s Annual General Meeting, which will be held at the AusBiotech national conference at the Melbourne Convention Centre on Monday 24 October 2016 at 12.30pm.

In its 30th year since establishment, AusBiotech will present the latest financial statements and highlights of the annual report for the year ended 30 June 2016.

The outcome of the recently-held ballot for one elected position will be announced at the AGM, as well as the appointment of one new Director.

Any other business may be brought forward at the AGM in accordance with the Constitution.

The AusBiotech 2016 national conference will be held as part of the International BioFest 2016, running from 24 – 27 October 2016 at the Melbourne Convention Centre.

AusBiotech is pleased to present the 2016 Annual Report for the period 1 July 2015 – 30 June 2016.