AusBiotech election results and board changes announced


AusBiotech’s Board of Directors welcomes Dr Iris Depaz, Sanofi Australia and New Zealand, to the Board while farewelling three Directors and Board Observer at AusBiotech 2023 in Brisbane.

The latest elected member of AusBiotech’s Board of Directors, Dr Iris Depaz, Country Medical Lead & Head of Medical, Vaccines, Sanofi Australia & New Zealand, was announced at the AusBiotech Annual General Meeting on 2 November, bringing with her specialist skills and experience to support the growth of the industry.

AusBiotech also farewelled three notable Directors, Mr Serg Duchini, Non-Executive Director, ESFAM Biotech; Mr Geoffrey Kempler, Chair, Alterity Therapeutics; and Ms Linda Peterson, Chief Operating Officer (Advisor), SYNthesis Research, and Honorary Staff Member, BioCurate, as well as Board Observer Mr Graham McLean, Universal Biosensors (ASX:UBI).

Dr Iris Depaz brings more than 20 years of local, regional and global industry experience, and sees opportunity for Australia to improve in areas such as eco-system level health policy creation and investment attraction. Recognising the capability of Australia’s life sciences sector and the growing desire, by governments at all levels, for our country to be widely recognised as a world-leading location for biotechnology investment, Iris is passionate about the opportunities this investment attraction could create for Australia as it seeks to diversify its economy and retain the significant talent that exists within our medical and scientific communities.

Most recently, Iris was integral in the process of developing Sanofi’s Translational Science Hub, a $280M partnership with the Queensland Government, University of Queensland and Griffith University. One of her key objectives as the Hub’s Managing Director is to enhance the Australian biomedical ecosystem.

Separate from her role at Sanofi, Dr Depaz is a staunch advocate of the power of digital technology and is keen to realise opportunities to evolve digital healthcare platforms in Australia. She has previously been a Director of a blockchain and AI start-up that aimed to empower patients to make informed healthcare decisions via ownership of their own data.

AusBiotech’s Interim Chair, Dr James Campbell, said, “On behalf of the AusBiotech Board, I am delighted to welcome Dr Iris Depaz. Her perspective, expertise and passion to support innovation and commercialisation across the pipeline aligns to AusBiotech’s vision and mission as we work to foster a growing, sustainable and profitable biotech industry in Australia.”

“I also extend my sincere thanks to departing Board Members Serg Duchini, ESFAM Biotech; Geoffrey Kempler, Alterity Therapeutics; and Linda Peterson, SYNthesis Research, for not only their esteemed service, but also for their drive, passion, and considered guidance throughout their respective tenures.

“I would also like to acknowledge Graham McLean for his input and advice as Board Observer."

Serg is retiring from the AusBiotech Board after nine years of incredibly dedicated service as Director and Chair of the Risk and Audit Sub-Committee (RASC). He has played a key role in championing the importance of the R&D Tax Incentive (RDTI) to Australia’s life sciences sector and drove AusBiotech’s policy position when the RDTI amendments were being proposed in 2019.

As AusBiotech’s Chair, Geoffrey’s experience and expertise have supported the Board, and in turn, AusBiotech’s strategic focus and the organisation’s output.

Elected director, Ms Linda Peterson, has completed her term, including contributing to RASC for the past two years and has provided a translational and start-up perspective to the Board’s strategy.

The Board changes took effect at the close of the AGM on Thursday, 2 November 2023.

The new AusBiotech Board line-up includes:

  • Dr James Campbell, CEO, Patrys, and Interim Chair, AusBiotech;
  • Ms Erica Kneipp, Research Director, Human Health, CSIRO, and Deputy Chair, AusBiotech;
  • Dr Megan Baldwin, Chief Innovation Officer, Opthea (ASX:OPT) and Risk and Audit Sub-Committee, Chair;
  • Dr Dean Moss, CEO, UniQuest, and Remuneration and Nomination Committee, Chair;
  • Dr Iris Depaz, Country Medical Lead and Head of Medical, Vaccines, Sanofi Australia and New Zealand;
  • Dr Marthe D’Ombrain, Head of Global Research Innovation, CSL; and,
  • Ms Lorraine Chiroiu, CEO & MD, AusBiotech.