AusBiotech annual survey of biotech leaders closing soon

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AusBiotech is about to conclude its annual consultation of membership issues, calling for leaders of biotechnology and medical technology companies to respond to the annual CEO Biotechnology Industry Position Survey 2018, to include an updated set of views.

The survey closes in mid-March to enable the hard-copy report to be launched prior to the 2018 Federal Budget.

AusBiotech conducts the confidential survey and holds supporting roundtables, which are underway in each state, to seek formally, opinions and information from the leaders of the industry it represents, to get a comprehensive view of the Australian biotechnology sector based on industry experience, knowledge, key metrics and political insight.  

The survey takes the annual snapshot of the industry to build the advocacy platform for the year to come – and will have added significance this year, given the newly-appointed Minister Cash is yet to respond to the recent recommendations from Innovation and Science Australia that seeks an annual and a newly-conceived lifetime cap on the R&D Tax Incentive.

The survey and the focus groups help build metrics about the significance of the industry and its perspectives and help us to make strong statements about the magnitude of issues and trends. The collated results appear in a widely-used printed report that informs and gives valuable detail and ballast to AusBiotech’s advocacy efforts.

AusBiotech has held the roundtables in Adelaide and Perth to date, with the major themes on the R&D Tax Incentive, skills and talent, and regulatory reforms.

For further information, to signal interest in the remaining roundtables, or to check if your company has participated, please contact Deputy CEO, Lorraine Chiroiu ( 9828 1400).