Expert Leadership Forum announced to drive industry’s Biotech Blueprint strategy


A new expert Leadership Forum to drive the development of the industry’s Biotech Blueprint, the sector’s decadal framework, has been announced.

The Leadership Forum includes key industry leaders that represent the industry’s various facets and will use their experience and knowledge to identify solutions and ensure a valuable, visionary and dynamic strategy.

The sector’s plan is an opportunity for the industry to speak with one voice to governments, identifying key policy priorities that can deliver benefits both for the industry and for the nation as a whole. As the national voice of the Australian biotech industry, AusBiotech is leading the development of the strategy.

AusBiotech sincerely thanks the Biotech Blueprint Leadership Forum for supporting the development of the Strategy.

  • Dr Andrew Nash - CSL;
  • Dr Mary-Beth Brinson – Cochlear Ltd;
  • Julie Phillips – BioDiem Ltd;
  • Dr Glenn Begley – BioCurate Pty Ltd;
  • Dr Siro Perez - IP Group Australia;
  • Silvio Tiziani – Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute;
  • Dr Ryan Parlett – Patheon Biologics Australia Pty Ltd;
  • Michelle Burke – Indigo Advisory;
  • Helen Fisher – Paradigm Biopharmaceuticals Ltd;
  • Marilyn Jones – MeXec;
  • Professor Trent Munro - Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, University of Queensland;
  • Warren Bingham - BioAnalytics Holdings Pty Ltd;
  • Dr James Campbell – Patrys Ltd; and, 
  • Dr Chris Davis, Institute for Glycomics, Griffith University.

The first task for the Leadership Forum is to confirm the six goals that will underpin and drive industry growth through to 2030 and the metrics that will tell us how we are progressing; these were drafted following broad industry consultation during 2020.  

As the plan is progressed through 2021, AusBiotech and its Biotech Blueprint Leadership Forum will inform the strategic plan with solutions. Steps will be identified that should be taken in the near-term to ensure that biotech’s positive future is realised and to reflect what a vibrant and valuable Australian biotech industry could and should look like a decade from now. The growth of the industry is critical for supporting Australian and global citizens’ health and economic wellbeing.

Playing a critical role in the pandemic response, biotech is at the forefront and there has never been a more important time to plan for the future. This is, therefore, a valuable opportunity for the industry to put forward a clear and ambitious plan for the future. If Australia is to build on the critical mass that has been established to date, strong alignment between industry and government over the coming decade will be key.