Asian Investor series confirms strong investor interest


The AusBiotech-led Asian Investment Series has confirmed investor interest in the Australian life science industry is strong and intensifying.

Almost 400 delegates gathered to hear 21 Australian biotechnology and medical technology companies present their investment proposition as part of the Series, which was held in Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai during March.

AusBiotech CEO, Glenn Cross, who led the three events, said: “This strong investor interest in the Australian life sciences stems from the nation’s top ranking in the global life sciences and its diverse suite of investment opportunities in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

“Australia’s position as a world-leading location for biotechnology, currently ranked fifth in the world, is underpinning Australia’s reputation and driving interest.”

The Asian Investment Series provided a platform for company presenters to pitch their business and connect with qualified Asian investors, to help Australian companies forge new partnerships and access valuable funding opportunities.

Companies who presented in the Series included Novogen, GO Resources, Cynata Therapeutics, Bard1, Biotron, Global Kinetics Corporation and FivepHusion.

The Series was supported by major partner, MTPConnect, the medical technologies, biotechnologies and pharmaceuticals industry growth sector.

Alfredo Martinez-Coll, General Manager of Stakeholder Engagement at MTPConnect, said the series highlighted the opportunity for closer alignment with Asia: “The speed and growth of Asia-Pacific’s development presents a number of unique opportunities for Australian SMEs and start-ups.”

“It’s vital that Australian companies collaborate to form strong links with research, trade, and investment partners in the emerging economies of Asia, especially Singapore, Hong Kong, and China. Such partnerships can help companies fast-track innovation, develop new research insights and secure new sources of funding through Asian investors,” he said.

The Series is seen by the Victorian Government as a valuable program to assist Australian life science companies in obtaining foreign investment and increasing international engagement.

Tim Dillon, Commissioner, Greater China, for the State of Victoria said he was "very impressed with the business matching session and the significant interest Chinese companies attending expressed in Australia's life sciences sector and the opportunities to collaborate. The Victorian Government is keen to work with this event in the future to expand it and increase the involvement of Victorian companies."

Rob Scott, Director of Shanghai-based advisors China BlueSky Partners, said: "One of the key aims of the Series was to promote the capabilities of Australia's life science sector. As China is now the world's second largest healthcare market, it was great to see so many local venture capital funds and major Chinese pharmaceutical companies attending and engaged in meeting participants.”

China BlueSky Partners partnered with AusBiotech to support Australia-China Biotech Invest, which was held in Shanghai.

Michael Kleinig, CEO, GO Resources, presented his company at all three events and said:  “It was rewarding to present to potential investors in three different locations, and then receive the opportunity to meet with them and discuss our investment opportunity further.”

“The opportunity to present to potential offshore investors through these events gives startups a chance to present to a wider audience. I congratulate AusBiotech on this series and encourage companies to engage with this investment seminar next year.”

AusBiotech plans to hold its Asian Investment Series once again in 2018 and will hold its flagship investment event, Australia Biotech Invest, on 24 October 2017 in Melbourne.