Aroa Biosurgery launches Myriad in the US


New-Zealand based soft-tissue repair company, Aroa Biosurgery, says it has launched Myriad, a new product for soft tissue repair and reconstruction in the US.

Chief Executive Brian Ward said the product name, Myriad, reflected the multitude of potential uses for this product in soft tissue repair and reconstruction.  

“As the name implies, our latest ECM (extracellular matrix) product has a myriad of uses. Myriad is a graft designed for the operating room and can be used for a wide range of plastic and reconstructive surgical procedures where soft tissue needs to be repaired or reinforced, including plastic surgery, limb salvage, burns, and trauma. It may also assist healing in patients with impaired or compromised healing due to factors at the wound site or within their body such as compromised blood circulation,” said Mr Ward.

“The release of Myriad in the United States marks the next step of growth for Aroa and our commitment to providing leading solutions that are accessible for both clinicians and their patients,” he added. 

Aroa’s Vice President Technology, Dr Barnaby May, said Myriad utilises the company’s Endoform ECM technology platform with engineered elements to promote the formation of blood vessels and rapid ingrowth of cells.

“The biological structure of Myriad is designed for rapid cell infiltration and blood vessel formation, to enable the patient’s cells to kick start the tissue-building process."

Myriad contains over 150 protein components, including structural, adhesion and signalling proteins that naturally exist in tissue and are known to aid the healing process.

“Residual natural vascular channels present in the Endoform® ECM technology facilitate a process we’ve termed angioconduction. These channels provide the architecture to support migrating endothelial cells to establish new vasculature and a robust blood supply,” said Dr May. 

Myriad is rehydrated prior to use and conforms to the tissue defect during both routine and more challenging procedures.