ARCS Signature Program launched for senior leaders


ARCS has recently launched the ARCS Signature Program which aims to equip senior industry leaders with local industry knowledge.

Research done by ARCS identified a gap in the training of senior pharmaceutical, medical technology and biotechnology executives in Australia, where a deep understanding of the local environment from a commercialisation perspective was sometimes lacking.

This new initiative is aimed at senior executives heading up Australian affiliates of multinationals and those at small and medium enterprises who have strong product knowledge but don’t fully understand the local environment. Australian expats with international experience returning to Australia could also benefit.

According to ARCS, the Signature Program “will build on participants’ strong competency in their field, provide an opportunity to expand each leader’s business acumen and build a comprehensive knowledge of the landscape and the competencies needed to be a successful healthcare executive in Australia.”

The topics covered include the healthcare business environment, commercialisation and leadership practice.

For more details and how to apply see ARCS Australia’s website.