Annual report shows a year of evolution, delivery and achievement


AusBiotech is pleased to present the Annual Report for the period 1 July 2017 – 30 June 2018, showing a year of delivery, achievement and evolution.

The Annual Report shows that AusBiotech has delivered significant benefits over the past year and has been instrumental in the positive business sentiment we are seeing across the industry - the strongest on record.

In her first Annual Report as CEO, Lorraine Chiroiu said: “I’ve inherited a strong organisation, with a really strong and direct sense of purpose around what it wants to achieve, and a stable financial base from which to launch.

“The organisation is really well placed to support the industry and to help it move to the next level. We see our role as working on reducing barriers and amplifying the enablers in the environment.

“A convergence of industry maturity, deal flow, regulatory advances, increased capital and development programmes, makes this the most buoyant I’ve seen the sector in my near-decade-long tenure at AusBiotech.

“We will continue to work to ensure AusBiotech is relevant: listening to members and taking direction from their expertise. Being attuned to opportunities in both the policy in this space and broadly in the macro-economic environment, the chance is ours to further build this industry towards its potential as a driver of our economy and quality of life.”

AusBiotech is enabled by 19 state and programme committees and advisory groups, involving more than 120 members, who give up their time to work on the industry’s behalf. Those who commit their time and support, which includes the AusBiotech Board and team, have achieved the outcomes featured in the Annual Report.

The Report features:

  • Reports from the Chair and CEO
  • Sector Snapshot: Australia - A thriving life sciences hub with global reach;
  • Investing in biotech;
  • Biotech is booming - This year’s Industry Position Survey reveals the strongest ever business sentiment across the sector;
  • Industry engagement on a local and international scale;
  • Partners, supporters and members;
  • Financial Report. 

The full report can be found online.