Annual Report 2015: AusBiotech supporting biotech as industry of the future


The AusBiotech Annual Report 2015 details how AusBiotech is delivering on its plan to facilitate global development of the Australian life sciences industry.

For the biotechnology industry and for AusBiotech, the past year has been another action-packed period in policy terms as well as the year the Australian biotech industry retained its ranking at fourth in the world. Advocacy on public policy has been at the forefront of AusBiotech’s work this year, as Australia’s largest life sciences industry body has helped its businesses to attract investment and grow. This Annual Report goes into the detail of the vast array of services AusBiotech provides its members.

An important focus of the organisation is to position biotechnology innovation in its rightful place, as central to jobs, productivity and a thriving economy, as Australia makes a structural shift to diversify from mining and car manufacturing to more sustainable, high-tech industries. AusBiotech is pushing to raise the profile of our sector as one the key industries of the future; the industries that will employ our educated young people, create wealth and jobs and deliver products and services to a waiting community. Our industry provides both local and global benefits.

AusBiotech is working to ensure continued global engagement in established markets and looking to harness the rising demand and opportunities in Asia. Advocacy is focussed on the changing dynamics of the Australian economy and leveraging the opportunities provided by the end of the mining boom and the decline of traditional manufacturing to raise biotechnology’s profile and support it at a policy level. In acknowledging its changing business model, AusBiotech is positioning for long-term growth via its AusEvents division.

Members are invited to the 2015 AusBiotech Annual General Meeting (AGM), where the Annual Report will be detailed giving an overview of all the activities of the organisation for the period covering the 2014–15 financial year. The AGM will be held at the AusBiotech national conference at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Victoria, on Thursday 8 October 2015 at 8.00am – 8.45am.

The AusBiotech Annual Report 2015 can be accessed via the AusBiotech website.