Ag-Biotech Summit to feature sustainable food


AusBiotech’s 2022 conference will feature a one-day AgBiotech Summit on Thursday 27 October 2022 in Perth, including a session on sustainable proteins in a nod to World Food Day. The Summit will profile Australia’s innovative agricultural biotechnology and promote the sector that's contributing to Australia’s food development process, from farm to plate.

The AgBiotech Summit also includes a keynote and numerous panel sessions focused on the challenges and opportunities facing the industry today that will discuss the ground-breaking growth and opportunities available for the sector.

This includes the programme session ‘Australian protein – meeting the needs of global menus’, where experts will discuss how global consumer demand for sustainable protein sources is increasing and Australia has a unique opportunity to harness science and the power of microbes to create alternate protein sources.

Leading agri-biotech expert, Dr Joe Smith, Chair, Agricultural Biotechnology Council of Australia, will deliver a keynote at AusBiotech 2022 on ‘Agricultural biotechnology – past, present and future’ and will share his more than 40 years experience and leadership in diverse public and private sector roles, and how the sector has experienced innovation in the challenges that it has faced.

AusBiotech’s Australian Biotechnology Sector Snapshot 2022 explains in its key findings the growth in food and agriculture biotechnology companies in Australia, from 270 companies in 2017 to 302 in 2022. This demonstrates the critical investment Australian companies are placing in the sector.

AusBiotech joins CropLife Australia, the national peak industry organisation for the plant science sector, which recognises the importance of innovation in the agricultural biotechnology sector by marking World Food Day on 16 October 2022.

“.. Biotech innovations are also helping farmers to reduce their environmental footprint with scientists and researchers developing food crops that are more resistant to drought, heat, salinity and pests,” said Mr Matthew Cossey, CEO of CropLife Australia.

“Biotechnology is also leading to crops with increased nutritional value. Innovations such as Golden Rice, an effective source of Vitamin A, and Cavendish bananas resistant to Panama Disease will generate more nutritious food for those that need it most.

“Food waste is also being tackled through biotechnology. Gene-edited crops, like apples that reduce browning, will help tackle the widespread problem of food being thrown out when it’s actually fine to eat.”

There is still time to register and delegates can utilise the day rate for Thursday 27 October, soak up the insightful AgBiotech Summit sessions at AusBiotech 2022, and strengthen networks through the day's social events and exhibition access opportunities.

Download the AusBiotech 2022 full programme, featuring the AgBiotech Summit on Thursday 27 October, here.