Adherium will provide its Hailie Smartinhaler for an AstraZeneca clinical trial

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Australian respiratory eHealth company Adherium (ASX:ADR) has announced that AstraZeneca has selected its Hailie Smartinhaler platform for a clinical trial.

Adherium said the contract is valued at $1.1 million over three years.

AstraZeneca’s inhaled medication use will be recorded and transferred via Hailie Smartinhaler devices.

Adherium's Hailie platform includes a suite of integration tools to capture and share health data via mobile and desktop apps, software development kit and application programming interface integration tools. It is designed to provide visibility to healthcare providers of medication use history to understand patterns in patient respiratory disease better.

Adherium CEO Dr Paul Mastoridis said, “This agreement underscores Adherium's strategic commitment to enhancing patient care through advanced technology. Our Hailie platform is designed to ensure precise monitoring and support for patients with respiratory diseases, facilitating the pursuit of tailored therapy."