Adherium announces collaboration agreement with major US asthma practice

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Digital health company Adherium (ASX:ADR) has signed a collaboration agreement with US-based Allergy Partners with the aim of transforming asthma management for its more than 300,000 patients across 130 sites in 20 states.

Allergy Partners is the largest allergy and asthma practice in the US. It will integrate Adherium’s Hailie platform consisting of a growing portfolio of sensor technology, user app, clinician portal, and cloud-based data solution, into its care approach.

The end-to-end Hailie platform will enable Allergy Partners patients to manage their asthma better, and its clinicians to tailor care with data supporting medication adherence, behavioural influencing, escalations, and interventions while enabling billing for remote patient management.

“Adherium welcomes this groundbreaking partnership with Allergy Partners – part of our push to accelerate commercialisation in the US through strategic, large-scale partnerships across health care systems. Adherium and Allergy Partners are combining their expertise to make a powerful impact to improve patient lives with benefits for all stakeholders,” said Adherium CEO Rick Legleiter.

Allergy Partners’ chief medical officer, Dr William McCann, called the Hailie platform, "A game-changer enabling patients to actively manage their conditions, aligning perfectly with Allergy Partners’ mission to improve allergy and asthma patients’ lives.”

Hailie’s cloud-based platform captures and shares information from Bluetooth-enabled sensors that wrap around a patient’s prescribed inhaler.

Hailie enables doctors to bill for long-term, remote patient management under established US reimbursement codes. Adherium gets paid for sensor sales and by receiving monthly, per-patient fees for generating and transmitting respiratory data.