Add your voice to global manufacturing survey


Australian manufacturers invited to contribute to global benchmarking, with the 17th Annual Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing global survey underway.

The work is benchmarking advances in global and regional bioprocessing, new technologies, and emerging trends.

BioPlan collects more than 220 responses from biopharma manufacturers and contract manufacturing organisations (CMOs) across 28 countries. The white paper developed from the survey will highlight the top 15 trends in biopharma manufacturing, ensuring that the report continues to reflect critical changes and trends across the global sector.

This survey includes questions on: new product needs, facility budget changes, current capacity, future capacity constraints, expansions, use of disposables, trends and budgets in disposables, trends in downstream purification, quality management, hiring issues, and employment. The quantitative trend analysis provides details and comparisons of production by biotherapeutic developers and CMOs.

For each completed survey, BioPlan will donate $10 (up to $3,000) to global health charities.

AusBiotech encourages the industry to contribute their voice to the global biomanufacturing industry’s benchmarking. Each survey takes between 15-25 minutes and responses are aggregated and confidential. Participants will receive a free copy of the white paper.

Complete the survey now.