Actinogen confirms Alzheimer’s disease biomarker study timing and design

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Actinogen Medical (ASX:ACW) has provided further information on the timing and design of its upcoming biomarker study in patients with mild Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

The company said the study is analysing stored plasma samples from the previously completed XanADu Phase 2 trial that was conducted in 185 patients with mild dementia and a clinical diagnosis consistent with AD in Australia, the US and the UK.

The study results were first reported in 2019. At that time, blood-based AD biomarker analysis was not available and the clinical diagnosis of AD was not confirmed by amyloid brain scans or biomarkers of the disease.

Actinogen said the results from the new study are now expected to be available by the end of October 2022. Approximately 70 of the original patients had available and adequate samples for the analyses, representing a relatively large sample size for a biomarker study.