Accessing global talent in Australia


The Australian Government has introduced the Global Talent Scheme (GTS) as a niche pilot scheme for both established companies and start-ups under the Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa programme, with the aim to bring globally mobile, highly-skilled and specialised individuals to Australia.

Access to the right people are key to successful and competitive biotechnology companies prospering in global markets. However, the ability to attract overseas workers and bring innovative talent to business cannot always be filled through Australians or through other visa programmes.

The GTS is designed to benefit Australia and Australian workers, as these individuals can act as 'job multipliers' in Australian businesses, helping them to hire more local staff and fill critical areas of need. The 12 month pilot will run from 1 July 2018, and has been introduced as a pilot so that it can be refined in consultation with industry to ensure it achieves its purpose.

The GTS offers both established businesses and start-ups the opportunity to take advantage of the scheme. The start-up stream is designed to be suitable for biotech and medtech companies, among others. Compared to standard labour agreements, the scheme allows faster processing and more flexible concessions for eligible businesses, flexibility in the evidence requirements for labour market testing, and access to a permanent residence pathway with the ability to cater for high-skill, niche roles that cannot be filled through existing visa programmes.

As a GTS start-up advisory panel member, AusBiotech is encouraged by the new approach to sponsoring workers with cutting-edge skills who contribute to Australia's developing start-up ecosystem. The individuals bring new ideas, new jobs, new skills and new technology into Australia. Biotech is at a mature and growing sector, and the ability to access global talent who have a convergence of knowledge is critical for our continued growth.

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